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We have the ability to detect a Breast Tumor up to 10 years before detection through other means.

  • No radiation, ionizing effect, harmful pressing of breast tissue, no side effects
  • A method to visualize pain.
  • Ability to detect dozens of other conditions.
  • Low cost.

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Understanding the role of digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) in breast screening

It takes years for most cancers to develop to the stage that they can be detected with mammogram or ultrasound (dense enough for location and biopsy) so DITI is ideally placed as a screening tool to identify changes over time in the ‘early’ development stages, before there is more advanced pathology that can be detected with other tests.

The major benefit in this group is in detecting early changes that precede malignant pathology that will become diagnosable at some stage.

Early detection is aimed at prevention and if early changes are detected then we have an opportunity to intervene and change the outcome.

The earlier an abnormality is detected the better the treatment options will be, resulting in a better outcome.

Prevention may include treatment of inflammation, fibrocystic disease,lymph congestion, estrogen dominance and more specific conditions like angiogenesis.

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