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Finger Contraction-Loss Of Motility

Oct 14, 2014 TESTIMONIAL FINGER CONTRACTION-LOSS OF MOTILITY As many of you may recall last year when I was visiting home in South Carolina, I lost all the mobility in two of my fingers on my left hand. I completely freaked out. I did as most people would do and I went to a doctor […]

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Katja Kunze

10-8-14 WELL BEING Dr Basha is absolutely amazing. I went to see him for a Well Being Consultation because I was worried about my overall health. I felt fatigued a lot of the time and had low energy. He suggested some innovative diagnostic tests like a Full Body Thermography Screening which has the ability to […]

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Roman Palacios

As a professional singer, I often perform 3 times per week. Let’s make that as many as 4-5 times a week. This inevitably takes a toll on the voice and vocal cords. I have been fortunate to have a Family Doctor who is highly skilled in Alternative and Chinese Medicine. Whatever the condition is, Dr […]

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Destiny Rose

TESTIMONIAL-LUMBAR PAIN 5/29/2014 For months I’d had an incredible pain in one of my lumbar vertebrae. Any extension in my spine was nearly unbearable! I had tried ice packs and massage therapy. Some relief bit it came back. IB Profen wouldn’t touch it! Dr. Basha gave me a wonderfully healing and relaxing Acupuncture treatment with […]

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5/29/2014 I first met Dr Basha a few months ago when he delivered a Chinese Medicine Workshop here inSan Diego. He asked for a volunteer from the audience who had pain. I volunteered as I had shoulder pain stemming from being a competitive Jiu JItsu Practitioner not to mention racing high speed performance bikes at […]