Finger Contraction-Loss Of Motility


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Oct 14, 2014

As many of you may recall last year when I was visiting home in South Carolina, I lost all the mobility in two of my fingers on my left hand. I completely freaked out. I did as most people would do and I went to a doctor in South Carolina, whom eventually said I was doomed with cubicle tunnel syndrome. I thought “No way” and as time passed I was not getting any use in one of my fingers at all …8 months later, A miracle Happened…I met Dr. Basha while he was visiting here in Nicaragua. Skeptical but willing to try anything, I briefly explained to him what was going on. Being the wonderfully talented and smart Doctor of Chinese Medicine that he is, he was able to bring full mobility and sensation back into my finger in less than two minutes. I remember starring at my finger and feeling as if I had witnessed my first case of real magic right before eyes. Dr Basha not only cured what Modern American Doctors said there was no cure for, but he opened my eyes and mind to all the wonderful possibilities and additional cures that Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine could bring to others..thank you so much Dr. Basha CR

CR, Nicaragua