Basha Fertility

Basha Fertility

Basha Health has developed a Proprietary Natural Fertility Program that consistently achieves a 70% success rate.

Basha Health, one of the National Leaders in Fertility Enhancement, has developed a Proprietary Natural Fertility Program that consistently achieves a 70% success rate. There are now over 15 components which greatly ensure your chances of achieving a healthy conception and birth.

Some conditions we have successfully treated:

  • Endometriosis
  • Miscarriages
  • Poor egg quality
  • Premature Ovarian Failure
  • PCOS
  • Thin uterus lining
  • Male Factor-poor sperm quality, morphology, motility, viscosity
  • Failed IUI or IVF Cycles

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“8 years… of trying to have a baby…” and “mostly… told IVF was the only way.”

It has been 8 years since we were trying to have a baby. Both of us had medical problems that we thought would delay our ability to have a baby of our own. One Sunday morning we were having our breakfast, just when we decided to watch TV for some compelling reason. We switched on the TV and found that there was this interview going with a person who seemed to have a very serene look on his face and who was dressed in an elegant blue shirt. It was KUSI TV channel and this person was being asked several questions by Kimberly Hunt on things related to infertility. We followed the interview carefully putting aside our breakfast. After the interview was done we were in silence for some time and reflected on our thoughts on what we had just heard from this acupuncturist. We were very interested on the conversations that followed and felt that he was the ONE we needed to go see and find out if he could help us. We decided that we would go and visit Dr. BASHA at his office located in Encinitas, San Diego.

Prior to seeing Dr. Basha, we had been to many allopathic doctors and most of them suggested that IVF was the only way out. Most of the doctors were impersonal and one even said that based on our condition there was no other way than IVF treatment for us to have a baby without performing a single test.

Off we went to visit Dr. Basha at his Encinitas office and found that his office was filled with a good aroma and had a calm and serene atmosphere that made us feel very welcome. We were very happy that he spent so much time with us listening to our complete history and gave us so much comfort and assurance with his soothing words and that there was no need of IVF and he would be able to help us and that it was every women’s birth right to have a baby.

We immediately decided to start treatment with Dr. Basha and he did a series of tests which no allopathic doctor suggested before and found so many important things like when I ovulated and found several anomalies like thyroid problems, etc., that were very important things to be considered for infertility related causes.

He not only helped with the physical treatment but also treated mentally in making me believe that I could become pregnant naturally. After hearing the other doctors I had developed a mental block that I could not get pregnant naturally. He told how important it was for the mind to be in sync with the body for this to happen. I never really believed that the mind factor would play such an important role in pregnancy. He even told me that the mind knows when the body is ready and vice versa. Which was so true in my case.

I discontinued the treatment as I was going abroad for trying IVF even though Dr. Basha advised against it. But some how things didn’t work out and didn’t have IVF done to me. After I came back I met Dr. Basha again and asked him to continue the treatment. He was very happy to receive us back and started the treatment. He never once gave us the impression that he was unhappy that we discontinued the treatment in between. He had this usual saintly glow on his face that we always saw in him. Needless to say that this was one of the compelling reasons for us to go see the doctor again for treatment. Driving to his offices was one of those things that we loved to do after work.

Dr. Basha knew that my problem was the mental block that I had because of a tubal blockage in one of my fallopian tubes. He was very assuring all along that I would get pregnant naturally and not even for a day did he stop reassuring me of that fact, so much that I finally started to believe that it will happen. He taught me to be calm and focus on important things in life rather than on trivial things. This was another aspect of his treatment that was very compelling apart from his regular acupuncture treatment.

It only took me a month later for me to get pregnant after I had started believing in myself with the help of Dr. Basha’s treatment. We are very grateful to Dr. Basha for making this dream come true for us.

There could have been many other acupuncturist’s and doctor’s that we might have thought of visiting for help and treatment, but we found Dr. Basha after praying to the Almighty. We are glad that we met Dr. Basha.

Believe me, it is worth all the money and effort that was invested in acupuncture treatment with Dr. Basha for such complex problems.

And the best Acupuncturist in town is Dr. Basha, hands down!

Thank you Dr. Basha and GOD BLESS YOU!

R & S

“Little did we know we had found our ‘Fertility Godsend.”

As a member of the news media I am always interested in a catchy headline. As a result of my wife’s and my experience with Basha, the headline reads as follows:


For two and a half years my wife and I tried to conceive a child. Right now I am age 50, my wife, 35. We were not successful although the doctors in our HMO and they told us ‘Nothing was wrong’ after a battery of tests. In the final months we tried Clomid which turned out to be a nightmare. It made my wife depressed, nauseous and caused her to gain weight. We were never advised about these side effects. After a three-month trial our doctor advised artificial insemination with *more Clomid.

In the meantime, my wife, who is Brazilian, told me about the experience of a Brazilian friend of hers. This woman had undergone artificial insemination and invitro-fertilization without success. But then after seeing an acupuncturist for only one month, she became pregnant. We would soon learn the name of this medical professional to be ‘Basha.’ We called and made an appointment.

Little did we know we had found our ‘Fertility Godsend.’

Our first impression of Basha was that he was very smart, very kind, and that he was not afraid to ‘take a tough question.’ He confidently explained that while western medicine treats the *symptom (and usually with a drug), eastern medicine seeks out the *cause and remedies the problem with medicinal regimens, thousands of years-old.

Basha immediately ordered a series of tests. This impressed me because I thought of acupuncture as just ‘the insertion of needles.’ He checked blood, he ordered food intolerance tests, he monitored diet, he documented exercise and relaxation habits, but most importantly, he made us feel we were really going to realize our goal.

After two and a half weeks Basha opined that my wife was anemic… that an iron-deficiency could be preventing us from conceiving. My first reaction was “Why didn’t the HMO system detect this?…after all, we underwent a blood test.’

He then prescribed a treatment plan involving herbs and natural vitamins and supplements. He also acted as a ‘Food Coach’ in guiding us in how to eat right according to blood type.

After one full month under Basha’s medical tutelage, my wife became pregnant. The moment we found out we called Basha. His reaction was so typical of his style. It was not arrogant nor was it overly-self-assured. It was a humble reaction tempered with a very human touch. “I am feeling a little emotional right now,” he said. I immediately thought, “What a refreshing change from the current medical paradigm in the relationship between patient and doctor.’

That is our story. Please feel free to call me if you want to talk about our wonderful experience with this wonderful man.

John Soderman, KUSI-TV, San Diego, CA

“Pregnant… “After three sessions (with Basha) and Chinese herbs”


Has been over one year, I have been trying to get pregnant. The doctors found out I could not ovulate, so I had some treatments with very strong medicines. Each month when I got my period it was very frustrating.

Some friends told me about Acupuncture and Basha. I decided to try it and stop the medicines. After three sessions and some Chinese herbs, I found out I am pregnant. It is unbelievable! I will keep coming to Acupuncture during the pregnancy, because I want to be healthy and I don’t want to take any more medication.

I am very fortunate and grateful for the care that Basha has given to me.


Adriana Naspolini

San Diego

“After all the expense I had gone through, I knew this was my last chance.”

I was on my third round of in-vitro when I connected with Dr. Basha. After all the expense I had gone through, I knew he was my last chance. I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but I wanted to try everything possible — to be able to say, “Okay, I did EVERYTHING to find a way to get pregnant.”

From Dr. Basha, I understood at the outset that his natural-medicine approach was about getting my body in tune, to create the right “nest” for pregnancy. My regular doctor was fine with me seeing an acupuncturist ; he said it was a good idea — I should definitely try it. After all, the worst that could happen was that I would end up with a healthier body!

As I began Basha’s course of natural medicine, I felt a whole lot better than usual and noticed I was much less stressed. To my great surprise and joy,

I got pregnant in three weeks.

Adrianna Reed

“…resolving my primary problem of amenorrhea, other issues have cleared up”


Dear Basha,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the extraordinary results I’ve received under your care. I had been experiencing amenorrhea for nearly four years. After about two years of being without a menstrual cycle, I started searching for a resolution of the problem. I sought Western medical advice (“You must be pregnant,” “We’ll put you on the pill,” and “Maybe you exercise too much.”), read books on the charka system, practiced yoga regularly, saw psychologists, homeopaths, and naturopaths, changed my diet numerous times, and was counseled by my mother (“Well it’s because you don’t eat meat!”)

In 1998 I finally went to an Acupuncturist and started receiving treatments and herbs. It was not, however, until about 3 years later when I moved back to San Diego that you were highly recommended to me. Only after two months of frequent Acupuncture treatment, your carefully prescribed herbal remedies such as Women’s Precious and Vitality, your dietary recommendations, I noticed a change. In short, I am experiencing results regarding a problem I had thought would cost me my ability to someday have children.

In addition to resolving my primary problem of amenorrhea, other issues have cleared up as well. Namely periodic low back pain, slow metabolism, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Thank you so much for your on-going and considerate professional care.


Gretchen Parker