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Confessions Of A Convert


I read something today that I think us so appropriate to what I am going through.

Cherish your health:

If is good, preserve it.

If it is unstable, improve it.

If it is beyond what you can improve. GET HELP!

I have been fortunate all of my life to have very good health.
My good health “just was”. I never even thought about it.
Never did any particular muscle, leg, sinus, eye etc… come to mind more than another.

While I did not think about making wise food choices, (it was not uncommon for me to eat an entire pint of ice cream at bedtime or a large juicy rare steak on a regular basis). I was eating lots of everything so I thought I had to be getting all of the nutrients my body needed.

Then, all of a sudden, as if I were on a roulette wheel and the bouncing ball stopped on me, EVERYTHING began to change.

I found myself in unfamiliar territory.

My eating habits and routine had not changed but suddenly:

  • My energy level and drive fell dramatically.
  • The ice cream I adored now caused stomach cramps and bloating. The big juicy steaks were no longer easily digested and sat like a ton of bricks somewhere between my left lung and sleen for days!
  • I began to have allergic reactions to familiar foods such as oranges.
  • My medicine cabinet, previously used to proudly display my nail polish collection, was now filling up with all types of medications such as Aleve, Tylenol Sinus, Alka Seltzer Flu etc.
  • I developed extreme pain in the calves of my legs.
  • I began gaining weight, something I had never done before.
  • I would not leave home without a supply of Lactaid.
  • I started to develop sinus congestion so extreme that I experienced vertigo.
  • My cholesterol level was elevated to an unhealthy level.
  • I had become more familiar than I ever dreamt I would with the staff at Kaiser urgency care who were always ever so kind to write a new prescription for each and every one of my ailments.
  • And the final blow…My hair had lost its shine, my skin had lost its glow and I had developed an allergy to HAIR DYE!!!!!!!

My health was officially UNSTABLE!

  • I tried to improve it without much success.
  • I ate more fruits and vegetables.
  • I drank gallons of orange juice, (who knew that was bad for blood type A?)
  • I ate healthy yams instead of white potatoes (oops another type A no no)
  • I ate fish for nearly every dinner such as catfish, shrimp, mussels, (another type A no no)

If It Is beyond what you can improve, GET HELP.

Enter Basha

First of all who would not trust a man who appears to have a body fat content of 10%!

Basha you have shared your knowledge and resources and have used your ever so powerful “Bashism” to coax me to the right path.

You made it clear from the beginning you could not help me if I did not help myself.

  • After only 2 acupuncture treatments my leg pains disappeared. Seriously, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!
  • With my leg pains gone I was now able to start walking miles every day as exercise thus helping to reduce my cholesterol level and helping me lose weight.

The change in my diet has had the biggest impact on my life:

  • I have lost 14lbs
  • My cholesterol level has dropped 10%, 28points, in only 2 months.
  • I no longer carry lactaid.
  • My skin glows!
  • My hair shines!
  • I can ear at any restaurant I wish without worrying about what to order because I have memorized my type A book.

I now marvel at the colors of my ever so beautiful vegetables instead of watching my ever so rare steak wobble on the plate.

Basha, you have taught me how to eat healthy.

I don’t even crave Haagen Daz ice cream although I do still stare into the freezer in the grocery store at the new flavors each month.

While it has not been easy, I still find the idea of Rice Protein and Cod liver oil in a shake for breakfast WRONG, I gladly consume this concoction because I know it works and, truth be known, it is actually delicious.

Basha, I will never be able to thank you for all you have taught me.

You are one of the rare and truly gifted people in this world who is using your gifts as they were intended to be used, for the good of others.

Meeting you has been life changing.

Sincerely, Andrea Dent.