A. Whiteman


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Aug.22, 2000~~~ Knee pain~Arthritis.

Dear Basha,

Thank you very much for improving my struggle with the pain I have had resulting from arthritis pain in my knees. I am 80 and resisting knee replacement and my very odd complaint I’ve had every night for years. I wake up around 2-3 am with an excruciating pain in my fingers. I asked my doctor at Kaiser about it and after testing that my circulation was normal, he said the pain was caused by my arthritis. He offered me help or suggestions about the complaint. It is hard to believe (but true) that after my first visit for acupunctures, I have had no more painful awakenings during the night. The pain in my knees is lessening as I continue the treatments. Thank you again. I have have hope that my final years will be enjoyable.

A. Whiteman